Any Chilly Hilly riders?

Is any one planning on doing the Chilly Hilly on a uni this year? It is on Sunday, February 25.

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Some of the SARS (Seattle Area RiderS) are either signed up or definite maybes so there will be a unicycle presence. I would like to ride again this year but need to wait a bit before committing.

I’m in, although I haven’t registered yet. Hoping to convince my son Miles to come along, but he’s a brand new cokeur, and I’m not sure he’ll be up for the full monty. If he comes, we may end up doing the shorter loop.

With any luck, everyone here will be there, plus a couple more.

Ditto here. I’m a little late registering. A couple of years ago we had ten. Last year I think only JC and Tyler went.

Where are you in the group pic?

Ha ha ha. That was really funny when you guys buried me under that pile of unicycles.