Any beginners in Bedford?

Are there any beginners in the Bedford area, preferably at the uni there that want a cycle partner during the term? I have a little experience, but need to get good at it.

HEY BROTHER :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum

Bedford, uk?

Yeah, Bedford in the Uk, sorry I should have specified.

Cool, you are near us! There is a Juggling club in a small church hall in the town centre on a Wednesday evening. I think its wednesday, I haven’t been to it for ages.

I don’t get much time to ride anymore but we should meet up sometime.


give me a shout if you’re in cambridge, i’m there all september.

What kind of riding do you do?

Amazing, a juggling club sounds wicked. I’m not a bad juggler myself, I mastered 3 balls with a good stack of tricks and I’m getting the hang of 4, never tried it on a unicycle but that would be something to aim for!

You at the uni Edd? I’m starting later this month. Would be good to meet up.

Im not at the uni, but I live down near Luton, which isn’t far away. I think you are the nearest unicyclist (That we know of) to us now. Previously it was AJ, who lives in Letchworth.


Not officially a unicyclist yet, as I can only go about 10 metres before I come off, I used to be much better but stopped doing it, but I really wanna get back into it.

How many years you been doing it for?

Cool, have fun getting back into riding… I imagine it wont be as hard as learning the first time.

I have been riding for about 3 years I think.