any artists in here

i need a drawing of someone doing some trials for a shirt my friend wants me to make them, so if u draw goodthatd be cool. thanks

is there money involved?

hmmmm idk, ide have to see the picture. i suppose f its what im looking for, idk how much, im pretty poor, so…

Thats a no. plus you would have drawn a nice drawing and he could still use it and say he didnt


actualy no, im not an ass, well i am, but i wouldnt do that, but i wanted a good drawing i dont wanna give soemone money if it sucks

I’m not an artist but here’s my sketch of Tomsey doin a sex change… so yeah it’s not even trials but the more the better right?


better than anything i could ever draw


PS what is a sex change exactly, i googled it and got some really weird information (nar i didn’t really) :smiley:

Hhaha sooo average :stuck_out_tongue:

cool, where do i buy those unicycling shinky dinks?

its a crankflip with a 180 bodyspin, I personally think its one of the best looking tricks out there!

yeah its a trick name derived from the skating trick “sex change” which is u doin a kickflip 180 bodyspin (kickflip and land nollie)

ya, i dont have any money anymore, i had a lot for a whilebut i ordered my new unithe other day. i have like $16, what art can i get for that

Another pretty average attempt at something…

ahaha, u have influenced me to now sit and draw some uni pics :stuck_out_tongue: