Any antisocial San Diego people out there?

I will be in San Diego next weekend to attend a conference for my job. If there are any unicyclists in the area, I would love the chance to get out and ride in warm weather. Unfortunately, the only day I’ll be free is February 14th, which I hear is a busy day for some people. :slight_smile:

That being said, if there are any antisocial unicyclists in the San Diego area who want something to do on the 14th, send a message to wentz dot robert at mayo dot edu.


I know there are some. I’m not one of them though. :slight_smile:

I would ride with you in a heartbeat, except I had knee surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago and can’t uni yet. :frowning:

But…there are others, although I don’t know who’s available. Most of them read this forum, so hopefully someone will chime in. I’ll email around and see if I can stir up some interest.