any advice for first unicycle

Decided to learn unicycle, and thinking of buying a 20" Torker LX through local bike shop. I borrowed friend’s uni that he bought from eBay for $25 and I’m progressing but I think I’ll need my own. Once I get to where I can ride substantially well I would like to try MUni, so maybe put a tire on like the Maxxis Max Daddy or Holy Roller (it seems there aren’t very many mountain tires for 20"). After reading through forums, it seems that the consensus is that LX pedals and seats aren’t that great - maybe I could switch those too later on. And then in maybe two years or so get a Nimbus MUni 24" if I like it?

Any advice on this; does it seem like a good enough plan? Suggestions? Also the cheapest price I found on the LX is $105 including shipping from Amazon, not sure yet if the bike shop can order from there and put it together (I’m sure I could put it together myself, I’ve put together countless bikes) but I don’t want to risk having to return it and pay that shipping if it comes deformed. I looked at but the Torker LX there is $140 plus shipping.

Hi Kolobokman and welcome to

The torker LX makes a good first Uni but iffn it was me I would choose this one: (it come in other colors).

I like the Nimbus brand and is a great bunch of people to deal with. On the chance there is anything wrong with the uni they will make it right.

It also comes with very easy to follow instructions for putting it together. It doesn’t take much to put a Uni together. The cranks are already installed so it’s pretty much attach the pedals and put on the seat. Everything is marked very well with L & R stickers to make sure you keep left and right straight.

The narrow single wall rims on both these beginner uni’s is going to hold you back from doing much serious muni and the rims are on the narrow side for putting on wider tires. Also 20" is on the small side for Muni since a larger wheel rolls over roots and rocks easier than a small tire.

I have the ‘club’ seat on my 20" freestyle Uni and it’s not a bad seat at all.

Another option would be to wait for a nice used uni to come up for sale on this site.

How often does this question come up? Every month by the looks of things.

The key to picking size is to look at two things: where you are going to learn, and what you want to do. As you want to do muni (typically: 24", 26" and 29" for an adult), and you are only just starting to learn (typically: 20" and 24" for an adult), you’d ideally want a 24" unicycle, however, that is no good if you are trying to learn in a confined area. If you are trying to learn in a confined area, a 20" would make more sense, though some might argue you shouldn’t be trying to learn in a confined area.

Oh, and UDC ( is a really good place to get unicycles from. Short of that, any place selling performance arts stuff like and the likes should be able to offer some at a similar price to UDC.