Any 36ers need a new home

36 any sort, any condition. Let me know what’s out there. I’m in AZ.

How much you looking to spend? I have a coker big one that’s only a few months old that I’m wanting to part with. Its in good shape, its gray in color. Lemme knwo If your interested.

Around $250. I understand if you’re not feeling for it since your baby is so new.

36 inch Nimbus Nightrider for sale


I’m not sure if you are still looking for a 36er. I do have a 36 inch Nimbus with a frosted night colored frame that I am willing to part with for $150 plus shipping costs. Although it is still rideable, the Nimbus Stealth rim is about 4 yrs old and needs to be replaced. I would suggest a new wheel build with new spokes and ISIS hub as well. It includes the following features:

*Magura hydraulic brake
*KH Fusion Air Saddle that includes neumatic bike tube which requires air (I would recommend repllacing cover
*Nimbus Venture Cranks (125 mm)

I am selling it b/c I’m awaiting a custom uni and I will not have the space for my Nimbus.I am out of town all week but will be able to send you a photo if you are interested.


Thanks, but I’m no longer looking. Turns out I’ll be leaving the country much earlier than I had thought. Appreciate the reply.