Antique unicycle

Neat unicycle for sale found it in the rafters of house I inherited :astonished: wanting at least 400.00 obo:D

Good luck with that.

You really know how to market something. Possibly a picture so people don’t think they are paying $400 for air?

Lol $20 says it’s a Torker CX.

Rofl. It’s probably not but that would be hilarious.

My money’s on one of those ugly “vintage” Schwinns with the flat rectangular frame legs.

If it still has the vintage reflector in the spokes, it’s totally worth $400. [sarcasm alert!]

I believe the seller has picked the wrong audience to offload his garbage.

I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I might venture a guess of Savage.

ETA: Or, for vintage bonus points a very rusty Troxel with any non-metal parts long since rotted away.

The chances of it being in as nice a shape as the one pictured are next to nil.

Be nice

Come on guys. No better way to mark us all as Dicks than to tear someone apart who’s new to the forum.

Up until about a week ago, there was a Craigslist ad in my area for one of these things that was so rusty it was completely brown. The wheel was missing spokes, the tire was flat, and the seat had been completely eroded down to some little scraps of foam.

And the seller wanted $200 for it.

Dude … ugly?? That’s the '63 split-window of unicycles right there.

Full disclosure, still have my 1977 20" and 1981 24" Schwinns. I cheat on them, but they’re still “rideable”. :smiley:

Sounds like classic CL, a testament to human greed and self-delusion.
(There is a thread “Most laughable CL ads” which allows you to share these hidden gems)

ROTFL Extra points for that one! :smiley:

And much like the first split-window on eBay Motors, this particular one was formerly owned by Nicholas Cage! Rare, one of a kind, custom-engraved inside the frame! Now only $149,000.00!

If it were anodized purple and pink, I might take it.

Not before me. I think I’ll be invading your turf on those colors soon enough. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s an uphill battle, but I have faith.

Haha! Well I’m starting to head in the hot pink/lime green direction and phasing out the purple, as evidenced by the fat 26" I built up a few months ago and my bikes. :grin: So purple might be yours for the taking.

I think that’s fair. You can have watermelon and I’ll have grape. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool looking scoots!

Deal. Thanks! :grinning: