antique unicycle image

there will be no record, as societys advance this rapidly, history dictates vary little record.

through-out history is the fact that fast development combined with instant comunication breeds collapse.

Thats a profound statement. There will be a record, but one will be an absolute genius to trace it back (I reckon).

Now we can go back to one book, who will be able to trace our ramblings on this forum as modern as we see it now? Infinate photographs and people with skills beyond what we know now.

Do you think the future will define unicycling as “on One wheel”?

Hey! That guy on the bottom right is doing rolling trials! Speaking of which, HCR hasn’t posted in a while. When’s the next comp?

Which collapse(s) are you talking about? When has there been instant communication in the past?

These two guys must have been fast, their wheels are quite big. Of course probably heavy as well. I suspect their skills were great.

Pretty amazing … this was more than a hundred years ago! Makes me wonder when the very first attempts of riding one wheel took place. I mean all those centuries with wooden cart wheels … surely there must have been some maniacs around trying to challenging their balance capabilities …

His name was BC!

Thinks: “Verilly, good yeoman, whither is thine other wheel, forsooth? Methinketh some scurvy knave hath robbed thee of thy handlebars!”