Another year older and deeper in debt... (hope not!)

Happy Birthday, !!!

– Rick


Happy B-Day Jagur!

30 is a big number, that means your old :stuck_out_tongue: But dosnent mean your grown up!

Wishing you many more


COLOR=green]PS, Sendhair, I couldnt get any of your dancing graphics to work today it made me quite saddend they always brigten up my day.[/COLOR]

The site with the dancing letters doesn’t want to do free hosting so they restrict off site linking. Most people aren’t going to see the letters unless you manually download each gif to your local cache. Here is a screen shot without the animated dancing letters.

B-day avatar for Jagur

Re: B-day avatar for Jagur

… and thanks, John! I can never seem to upload images from my own PC here.

Happy Birthday Jagur

Happy Birthday, may this year bring you a uni that will share your next birthday with you too!

Re: Happy Birthday Jagur

When are you officialy ‘over 30?’ -do you have to hit 31, or does that come into effect straight-away? (when does counter-culture turn to old regime?)

14 degrees here. Enjoy the warm weather; try to drink fewer beer than your number of years (or forgo it all together and save up air-fair for Uni-Nihon). I think a speach is in order; Jagur, you have the conch.

(and thanx for being born… things would be less… interesting without you.)


Let us not forget the talented George Barnes IV. He turns 21 today. You two have a happy b-day.

Mojoe…32 year old punk

  1. Happy birthday! I hope you have a great year and fun Uni-ing.

  2. Long time no talk! How have you been and where? I guess I missed it when you got the welcome back. =D


Happy Birthday. I bought you a new car and shipped it UPS. I know you are cursed with shipping and receiving problems but lets hope this one arrives on time and intact. If so, drive on up and visit us all here in Warshingtun. I’d like to say that I have fond memories of my 30th birthday but I can’t even remember where I put my false teeth yesterday let alone what happened decades ago. Oh, I also found some Depends that I outgrew and I packed those in the Edsel when I shipped it off to you. Congratulations on your #1 posting position. You wear it well.


I’ve been 21 twice now. The first time was WAY better. The second time wasn’t too bad. I’m about a third of the way into my third go at it and I seem to have lost the knack for some things. But I’m REALLY wise now. Yeah, wisdom, that’s the ticket. Being able to move without requiring enough ibuprofen to supply Honduras for a month isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Neither is being able to see everything around you and remember the names of everything. Wisdom is where it’s at, baby. Have a Happy Birthday and ride like the winds across the Iowa plains.

Happy Birthday, Jagur!

30th time around the sun, huh?

Way to go!

Michael’s waiting for you to bust him out!

May all your deliveries be complete and correct ones!

– Glutes

happy birthday to young and old alike.