Another xtreemli pointless, yet kinda fun-, thing to do on a unicycle.

The spelling is to ensure my street-cred remains intact, despite the sandals.

And yes, next time I will get them to switch it on. This was taken on a rainy day. I didn’t want to get wet.


do you know someone who works there? or did you just pull up on one wheel and roll on through?

Sandals, arms outstreched … let me guess, you are making an impersonation of Jesus before his last wash.

I was having my car vacuumed (no point in washing it on a rainy day) and took everything out the car. I always have a uni in the car and there weren’t any cars in line at the wash…

I love Camera Phones.

That is awesome

i did that last week the girl in the gas station played a prank on me and turned it on when i was in it i nearly got soaked…it was pretty awsome

I don’t get it…what are you doing?

going through an automatic car wash

Jesus had hair though, and could walk on water, not unicycle

extremely crazy. if i ever come to africa, we’ll go through one together…but i wont wear sandals. :roll_eyes:

it sorta looks like you’re holding onto that post with your right hand.

Now that you mention it…

That’s the post that holds up the control box where you enter the code you got from the cashier when you paid for your car-wash.
It’s frightfully automated now. I remember a car wash as including a bucket and a sponge.

hahaha thats funny lol… i wonder if jesus’ hoped on a uni in his spair time lol.

lol hilarious jesus on a unicycle. cool idea for a tshirt

Spare time? I thought he was unemployed.

yeah hed always have an audince with all them fellas follwing him aswell

Yeah, you might get your feet wet!

A new challenge: automatic car wash Sumo! Make it through an operating car wash without using your hands for support. Then hand-dry and detail for the ones that make it out! :slight_smile:

Just make sure to say NO to the hot wax :slight_smile:

And wear goggles. Those rotating bristles can hurt your eyes.

Thought I’d just put that in as there’s bound to be someone who’ll actually try it.

Perhaps this should be added to the Are You a Unicycle Fanatic test that Roger hosts on his website.