Another widescreen video in the perfect trials riding location...

Today I found an amazing spot to practise my trials riding, although it doesn’t seem right to call it practise…it’s so much fun. This spot has a 60mm diameter round rail that’s about 300m long and about 300m of steep loose rocks, among other things.

The rocks aren’t great for going up (unless you’re amazingly talented) because there are so many loose ones but they’re heaps of fun to go down. I want to go back again with some more unicycling buddies and do runs down the rocky slopes, trying to make it all the way without falling. Can’t wait to try it on my muni when I get my 160mm cranks.

The video is about 4.3MB in size and 55sec long and is in widescreen (16:9).

Here are some stills.


your skilled!

holy. crap. i would give anything to ride rails like you do. how do you stop from catching your pedal when you start falling off a rail? my biggest fear is that my tire will slip off to the size, and my pedal will snag on the top of the rail. a legitimate fear or not? i dont have that same instinct to jump off when i real myself leaning…

thanks for the continued inspiration


Thanks Will. :slight_smile:


I’d call that a semi-legit fear. It does happen occasionally, but it hasn’t yet led to a painful fall for me. Actually it happens in the first of the widescreen movies I made where I’m attempting the last line. It hasn’t yet happened to me when I’ve tried to hop off…only when there hasn’t been as much traction as I’d thought.

I think realistically, the chance of catching your crank or pedal on one side and your body going the opposite side is very slim and that seems to me to be the only realy way to hurt yourself on a rail.

So i wouldn’t worry about it too much. If you can find a really low rail that’s about that width, have a go on that, then you’ll see that it’s not as risky as you seem to think.

You will deveop that instinct for jumping off at the right time anyway.


thanks, thats good advice. sorry for the numerous typos in my first post. ill be on the lookout for low-to-the-ground rails…


Actually I hadn’t noticed any of them! :slight_smile:

Oh by the way, I added the mount on the round rail because a few people had requested advice on that.

I’m glad you did. It looks like you had better balance once you were on the uni then when you were just trying to stand on the rail. :smiley:


mounting on rails is definitely the hardest part. i have had a couple bad falls from snagging my crank on the rail as i slipped off, but nothing major. just a slight pain in the tender area…

Don’t tell Grant that! :slight_smile:


Really, really, nice.

Wow, thats a long rail.

how long did you actaully ride it?

Well according to the video, about 5 and a half pedal revs, so assuming the diameter is somewhere close to 20" - 8 or 9m.



Your stuff is really awsome. I'm more impressesed each time i watch, I loved the rail ride. Never stop making these mini movies:)

What editing program do you use? I use Widows Movie Maker 2. Is there any way to make it wide screen on WMM2?

-Sabin Arditty

Thanks a lot Sabin, that means a lot coming from such a good rider as yourself.

I also use Windows Movie Maker 2. I captured the video in widescreen on my camera. To transfer it to the computer in widescreen, go to “Tools” > “Options”, then where it says “Aspect Ratio”, change it to 16:9.

I’m going to buy myself a copy of a program called Vegas Movie Studio (by Sony). It’s only about $100US and it’s a fantastic program. Really easy to use with heaps of features. I downloaded a demo of it which lets you do everything except save movies pretty much. I’m really impressed with it.


Awsome, thanks for the help Andrew. My camera has a wide mode too so it will work with my camera… Vegas Movie Studio sounds sweet.