Another "why?" question...

I just posted a question about suspension on the “bike seat on a uni” thread, and I just thought of another question…

Why are seat handles typically attached to the seat pan instead of the seat post, where I would thinkthey would be stronger, and transmit more force to the frame of the uni?


Because unicycle design is still catching up with itself. Todays handles developed out of seat bumpers. Even the bumpers have only been around since 1980 on the earliest models (that I’m aware of).

But you are right. Now that we’re yanking up and leaning down on our seats constantly, we’re not only ripping up the seats, we’re breaking posts as well. What we need is a universal unicycle seat post design, with a horizontal top tube (that runs front to back). The saddle would clamp onto that. Hopefully those top tubes can be made in a standardized diameter to make this easier!

Then, saddles won’t need to be nearly as beefy and rigid, because we’ll only be sitting on them (like bike seats), not trying to rip them off the cycle. The top bar can than have various types of handle extend out the front. Also you can clamp on a brake mount, lights, computer, small under-seat bags, or whatever you want.

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The reason handles are attached to the saddle not the frame (despite the strength problems) is that you need to adjust the handle height when you adjust the saddle height
like when you change to a different length crank you often gotta change the saddle height
So is convenient to have the handle attached to the seat

I guess what you need is a handle attached to the frame whose height can be adjusted, and it needs to be able to absorb shock when dropped so it don’t transfer the impact to the frame


I really like the idea … I would like to try a seat that could be positionned a little further from the post’s axle … may be I imagine things , may be it’s not convenient but I feel I should try (I constantly feel better when I seat further back).


If you feel better sitting further back, you might want to try an angle adaptor and tilt the seat. I think it should have the same effect, as the angle the frame is at doesn’t make a major difference to the ride.


I already have an angle adaptor but I feel like sitting nearly out of my seat (that is: I just seat to the back of my seat and would like to sit further back … if possible)