another which uni for a shortie

I found out at my job I will get a nice discount so that opens up options to unis. The one I wanted they cannot get. But I have 2 options. I want to do mild trials (no high drops), simple muni, mostly street except grinding or large drops from stairs, flat, lots of riding around like to work and all too. I’m 5’1", inseam with shoes on is 28", tiny so dont weigh much, probably wont break cranks/pedals. I’m a newbie now also, just learned to ride. But I want to get a uni that I will be happy with for a long, long time.

One is the Kris Holm. I can get plastic pedals for this cheap since they have those and I want plastic for now, but I dont think I will be as fond on the longer cranks for flat or KH street seat as most the girls like the Nimbus gel. I am not sure if I will have issues with the longer cranks since I want to do flat? I’m not sure if the lowest the seat will go down is 26" if that is enough for what I want to do? My inseam is 28".

The other option is the Nimbus II 20" unicyle but it has the 20" rim and 20 x 1.95" street wheel. I kinda want a fat tire so I can ride in the grass to learn mounts, etc. Is this wide enough for that as I can always later get a better trials wheel set? But looks like they cannot order me the individual seat and wheel sets so in the end I would pay a touch more then just the Nimbus trials uni if I bought that from UDC.

I want to get a uni that maybe I might upgrade parts on later, but I want a frame that I wont want to change unless it dies. Just from seeing a KH and a Nimbus, I actually thought the frame was easier on the Nimbus for keeping my foot on it for tricks. I was told the Nimbus is more forgiving then the aluminum KH which feels more rigid.

Should I just get the KH since I read its a better uni at a good price and maybe change the seat/cranks later if I get more into flat? Or would that be a touch too big for me? Or get the Nimbus freestyle one for cheap now and upgrade the wheeset later and come out just a touch above the cost of a Nimbus trials? It will be a bit before I can order one through my job but I want to hear what people think.

Get the KH! You will definitely wan’t the forgiveness of a trials tire. Also, 137mm cranks aren’t long at all. If anything 140mm would be ideal. The KH will be a perfect uni to abuse for a loonng time.

If the KH you are considering is a KH20 you shouldn’t have a problem with the seat height. It will adjust low enough for you.

OK cool cause it wont be really any more for me to get the KH through my job then the Nimbus trials. So I’m not too short for it? It looks like I can put it down 2" from my inseam.

In the past I’ve tried to be cheap about it, then what I get doesnt last or isnt appropriate later. So I finally get what I should have gotten to begin with and spend a lot more money in the long run. If I dont like the saddle, that isnt that pricey to replace. I can get the seatpost cut down at work too.

Yeah, thats the one I can order through work, its not UDC but its the same uni.

That sounds like the best. Once I get one I’ll probably ride it until my legs fall off. :smiley: I probably just will put on plastic pedals for now and it should be good to go!

That is the same uni that my son has, which is the one you sat on. I know the seat was a little high but the post could be cut about 6 more inches. It is a great uni. If you can get the discount I would go for it.

How tall are you? I am 1.50 m. i can put my seat about 10-15 cm. down if i cut the seatpost on the kris holm.

I would recommend the kris holm because i am so satisfied with it, it was my first unicycle and it was good to learn on.

I guess I am a touch over 1.5 meters also so that seems like its OK for sure! Unless I cant get the discount, I will get it through work. Then I have a great uni for life. I know I love it so its not like it wont be used a ton. :smiley: