another what name thread

ive started a thread like this before and it sparked name ideas of my unicycle wich was great
so far my unicycles are

trilby the lx

nessie the dx

but im just ordered my tx last night and i cant come up with name

i have also settled that i would like it 2 be a girls name becouse it would be weird if it was a guy

so any ideas? i havnt been able 2 think of any thing

help please


How bout Rex the Torker TX
Ok its not a girls name but what the hell i tried

if u want some spunk for a young uni go with Krissy, Britney,Katrina, or Ange.
If u want an old new, but still kicken uni go with Agatha, Betty,Mercella, or Martha

You really cant go wrong with Agatha or Martha…

well… what about … whenmaxmakeseffingretardedthreadsppgivehimcrapbutwhenumakerllyretardedonespplactuallyreply ?

catchy… but not catchy enough

how bout “Rex Raffie” the torker tx

If I had a Torker tx, I would call it… are you ready for this? Torker tx. I’ve never gotten into naming my unicycles beyond “bedford” and “norco” and the occasional nickname like crapcycle(for the norco) and cycle of unification. But I digress.

I have to say, although I’m not really for naming inanimate objects too much, it is catchy.

Don’t take it too hard, maybe people just have higher expectations for your threads.

or Bertha…BIG Bertha.

this thread isn’t retarded!

I call mine 2, 3, and 4, in order of when I bought them. 1 is a broken torker that I probably won’t bother to fix. :slight_smile: