Another website selling KH for *less*

Not as low as AE was, but still significantly less then UDC.

520 $ ouch!

Last I checked A E Bike still had 'em for 417. What’s funny is this site you referenced claims a weight of 13 lbs ! Would be worth the extra 100 $ if that were true !:wink:

Yeah the weight is not accurate. AE is [currently] selling the KH 24 for a bit less than UDC, but not as low as universal cycles; and U. Cycles will price match as well!

AE IS negotiable pricing!!!
get over it!
you can get it for cheaper than that.

We need a report

Has anyone emailed Cullin at AE Bike about their real price ? I have yet to read a report on this. My experience with A E Bike has been so positive price wise, yet I don’t know the current story on KH’s. I think recommending them is a service to all fellow uni riders until someone can beat their prices. I am not a fan boy, I just like to help fellow riders get a good deal. I have always got what I ordered. I have yet to see any shop with better prices on anything. I just ordered some led lights etc.:smiley:

We don’t need a report, what was said was said. If someone wants the deal they will pursue it that is all that is needed to know. Don’t ruin it even more.

Geezus man I was only letting people know that there was another option! I LOVE AE bikes and have already bought TWO KH unis and they’re service is terrific, but sometimes they’re out of stock…SO, the other referral is just there in case and they TOO will match price.

that makes sense then.
one question: don’t price matching services go away if the item is out of stock at the other store w/ said price?

Really depends on the company, and if the person you’re dealing with is in the position to authorize the match. You’re right that in most cases, the price match is only valid if the competitor has the same item in stock, but in the past I’ve gotten the match regardless because they simply wanted to make the sale.

$375 for a KH 20 at AE from what Cullen told me.

Great price or not, is there ANYONE that actually has stock on a KH20?

My LBS can get me a good deal, but can’t get them for several weeks. Everywhere, I see several week backorder.

I basically gave up and decided to look at the Koxx, but it seems they’re having some issues too and may be several weeks to get that sorted out.

Seems to be a major supply problem with high end 20" uni’s right now.

YEp, AE does not have KH trials.

I did

I bought my kh24 a couple of weeks ago from AE Bikes, I emailed Cullin and he gave me a good price. Not quite as low as it was, but lower than MSRP. I’m happy, great service too. I’m much MORE happy since I started riding it. I LOVE it, I LOVE Muni, still working on my skillz, but getting noticeably better each time I go out, it’s awesome, a pretty sweet workout too. Sorry, I know that has nothing to do with this thread, but I just had to tell someone.

KH High Prices

The guy at my bike shop who is an authorized dealer of KH and UDC products. I asked him why Bedford Canada was so cheap on KH20 for about $300 CDN (about same as US$ now).

Of course that was 2006. The price shot up 66% in just a year. The answer will upset you why Authorized KH dealers have to sell KH at those prices. In order to be a KH dealer you have to agree not to advertise or sell at higher than UDC prices I am told. So UDC might be to blame for the sudden 66% increase in prices. As far as the low prices, these guys buy from a wholesaler and resell it.

Oh, and I called Bedford. That KH is now $485+$30 shipping! Thanks UDC for pumping the prices up!

So, the difference in price results in who is an authorized dealer.