Another Vud :d

hey everyone,

ive been on a role making videos latley!

i made another of my freinds evan and keenan ( pinner) its 2:30 and is about 14 mb’s ( needs DivX)


You are indeed on a roll. Your videos are fun to watch. Keep making more.

I don’t know if you saw this thread from about 6 months ago. I saw an old Royal Riders logo at a local park.
Royal Riders tag Seattle

holy crap

thats so kool! royal riders do rule! bahaha

That silver uni you guys have, is that a norco with a KH seat??

Hey Unibrow, was that you that I heard about being chased off of the church roof recently. The person who told me said it was in the Mill Bay-Shawnagan Lake area.


but how did u know that was a church roof?

I have to say those are awesome videos and you are on a role.


Question: What kind of video camera do you guys use to shoot your video?

Re: no

This guy at work said that the custodian at his church had to chase someone off of the roof. He described it as about 4 or 5 feet wide and fairly steeply sloped. That, and the fact that it was up in your neck of the woods made me think of you.