another video

from the past few days. i know i hop too much, but i think i’m improving a little both filming and riding.

say what you think.


oh and amanda, thanks for getting me out today- it brightened up after i took my uni out:p

Can you post it under something else like youtube? I can’t see any vids in the gallery:(

oh… here’s a youtube link for those who need it:slight_smile:

good stuff man u have improved alot keep going prbs cya at milton keans
didnt like the jumpy stuff

nahh… it wasn’t really meant to be jumpy at all, but when i loaded up the footage onto moviemaker and started editing, at one point during the editing all the clips became really jumpy and i didn’t know how to correct it or what i’d done wrong. it kinda pissed me off, but i had gone so far through the process, i didn’t want to have to start from scratch and upload the raw footage again, then edit it down, especially as it was just a hastily put together vid of the footage from that day (in the red trousers) and a couple of days from fairly recently in cambridge and in london on the tuesday.

thanks for the compliments- i feel real encouraged and i’m busy trying to build up my skills.

i think i’m getting out of the lull brought on by winter and even today i’ve been tricking on my way to and from work (which is unusual as normally i rush the 2 mile round trip, just using the uni to propel me to and fro quicker than walking).

in fact despite the darkness and having to get up to catch a 5:30 train tomorrow to oxford (i will be taking my uni of course) where i will be participating in a GO tournament, after i’ve done a little bit of browsing the threads here, i’ve got a feeling to strap up and get out there tonight:p .

btw when i was in cambridge the other day, some dude told me to check this out, although i’m not sure if it’s worth the train fare when all i’m really interested in is unicycling at the moment. I don’t know if anyone knows about these people- if someone does, could they let me know what they’re like?

i can hardly wait till MK- it’ll be heavy and hopefully so will i by then:) .

:o :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: