another velo seat question

Hi everyone,
It’s not the, when is it coming out question. I have seen the pictures of the sample seats that a few of you have gotten (very jealous of you) and none of them have the handle on them. Does anyone know if they are going to be available with and without the handle? I ride distance and I use the gb handle and I just don’t want the velo seat handle. TIA.


I’m not the expert here, but I did take pictures of a prototype seat at UNICON. This seat may differ from final production models. But if you look at this picture:

You will see that the front bumper is held on by bolts. So it should be easy to remove, though if you don’t have another form of protection in front of it, the seat may then be vulnerable to damage.

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John Foss

I am also not an expert on the Velo seat. However, it is my understanding that there will be two flavors of the seat. A freestyle version with a flat bumper in front with no handle sticking out and a muni/trials version with the grab handle.

No expert here but I’ve got to assume that the seat will be available with or without a handle. My sample doesn’t have a handle but rather a front bumper that looks like a real production item. Have a look at it here:

For my uses this saddle needs a handle. It’s so big and chunky in the nose that it’s pretty hard to grab for hopping or seat hook-up. Notice that the Reeder or GB handle will be kind of a challenge to mount because of a couple ribs exactly in the wrong spot. Also notice that even though there are four holes for mounting the handle, only two have screws in them. To use the other pair of holes might require taking the saddle apart to install screws.

Steve Howard