Another upset DX rider.

Well, it finally happened. I always thought, “Oh no, it couldn’t happen to me, it just happen to everyone else.”

My DX frame snapped at that infamous weld. I feel as though I just had a leg amputated or something; I just keep looking at it like it is going to be healed or somthing.

To all the others that this happened to, what did you guys do? Did you email torker to ask for a replacement, or did you just buy a new frame?


I just got mine reweled cause I didn’t feel like getting a replacement, and I got a nimbus x frame, which I’ll start using when the rewelded torker frame breaks again.

i bought a bedford frame

me too and then i got it rewelded for free. Although i dont think the bedford frame will break.

ehh ive had mine for 5 months or so but it hasnt broken yet… :slight_smile:

You are in Highschool right? Go use the welder, or have someone else weld it up for you. While your riding the rewelded frame, save up for a nimbus frame.

no, don’t do that, send it in to torker for a FREE replacement, your local bike shop should do it w/ just a reciept.

did you break a seatpost before the frame or no? (just curious)

yes. Get the replacement.
The new frame has a better design.

Just the frame. Hmm, I dont know though, I bought it from UCD… what should I do…?