Another update on my unicycle class

A few weeks back I posted about a uni clas I had arranged to teach. The main idea was to use the class to build a larger group of riders in the area with the end goal being a uni club. Last night we held our third class. The class is being held every Tuesday night for 7 weeks (unitl Thanksgiving) in a church multi-purpose room.

For the first night we had 5 show up to try it out. That night a few others who were at the church for another event tried to ride for a little bit also. My daughter also was at this first class as an experienced rider and helped teach others and loaned her unicycles to the other kids to try.

For the second class, 5 unicycles had been purchased by these people and one by a person who is unable to attend the class but will be learning on his own. Another 2 or 3 people who were at the church for meetings also tried to ride for a while. One of these people spent a lot of time working at riding on my uni. Fortunately I have a couple unis that can be used for this class and I have another uni that I’ve borrowed from billdavey (thanks Bill!). For this second class, unidaddy showed up and was selfless in giving his time and unicycle to help teach the others.

Last night we had the third class. Several riders had made some great progress by practicing at home. It was great to see. One rider, Chris, took his uni to his scout meeting, rode for the scout troop and invited them to come out and try it. He also invited a friend to come, who invited a friend who already rides and so Chris brought 5 new riders to our third class. We had 13 people, experienced and new combined, at this class. Again unidaddy was selfless in helping others learn, at the expense of his personal riding time. Chris also spent lots of time helping others and loaning out his unicycle. He figured since he got so many people to come, he should help them learn. :wink: Thanks to Chris and Bob (unidaddy) for all the help! Big time kudos go to Chris who is the most improved rider in the class. After 2 weeks he is freemounting, hopping, turning, dribbling a basketball, and progressing very quickly. He’s going to be a great rider and with his willingess to help others, will be a real asset to the group. One of the new riders this week has been riding for several months. It was a refreshing change to teach him some new mounts, hopping, idling and other skills.

After three classes, over 20 people have tried unicycling and most of them are very interested in learning. Several more poeple are asking advice for which unicycle to buy. We are having way too much fun! After the class is done, a few of us stay afterwards and play some more. Last night we played a little basketball. It was my first time to play with others and the first time for Bob and Chris.

Support from the church has been very positive and I anticipate no problems with getting permission to continue using the room every Tuesday night through out the winter. At no cost to us. It does help that the original 5 class members and several other new recruits are all members of this church. For several years I was also a part time employee at the church and left on good terms, so this all is supportive to the uni class and room use. One more cool (or is it kewl?) thing, I got permission to post pictures of the riders and students on a wall in the room to promote the uni class and the fun we are having.

On the negative side, the newspaper reporter who said he was going to take the class has not shown up and didn’t respond to my last email asking if he is still interested. With as much interest as we are getting for this class. I think I’ll still be able to get him to the class. At least once, then get him on a uni, and then he’ll be saying, “Just let me try one more time.” The he’ll be hooked.

Needless to say, I am excited about how things are going. We are already talking about the group riding in the local Christmas parade on Dec 3rd. What a great way to finish the class and start off a winter of riding together.

In summary, can you say MOMENTUM?

:smiley: :smiley: Bill :smiley: :smiley:

Very awesome, Its even greater to hear that you have found people that excell in it, and will be able to help others too… Sounds like the club is going to turn out great!:slight_smile:

It is awesome to hear about this, I am very glad to hear that it is a going well and to see that they have made good progress. I wish I had a good club to go to. I also wish that I would learn at this speed. I hope that they stay in it.


Re: Another update on my unicycle class

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 18:56:53 -0500, “billham” wrote:

>In summary, can you say MOMENTUM?

Wow, your club is really taking off Billham! Kudos to you for starting
it in this great way. Rather than momentum, I’d say:

can you say ACCELERATION?

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Re: Another update on my unicycle class


i hope u’ll get around to adding those pics to the Faces of gallery

it might be a blessing in disguise that the reporter haven’t been around yet
a class of 20 photographs much better than a class of 5

it is so stunning to hear that u’re seeing the results of your hard work
keep it up and keep us posted


Im glad my unicycle is getting good use! I still need to get som lock tite on my bearing bolts so that i dont almost lose my wheel in the next parade haha. Im really glad to hear that the class is turning out well. Hopefully I will be able to make it one of these tuesday nights.


Bill, great work! Sounds like your efforts are paying off big-time. Congrats…

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On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 05:53:34 -0500, “GILD” wrote:

>billham wrote:
>> One more cool (or is it kewl?) thing…
> :sunglasses:

GILD, just to let you know, your response to billham’s question comes
out as the above on Usenet. Not sure if it is translated back into the
original smiley so I’ll spell it out for you:

a colon, followed by the word ‘cool’ and then a colon again.

(Usenet doesn’t know pictures so they have to be translated into text

So basically it looks as if you’re saying that the way to spell it is
‘cool’, which I think is not what you want to convey :slight_smile:

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Wow! That response is awesome. Keep up the good work with the outreach. And, don’t forget to post some pictures.