Another Unusual Saddle

While pondering the whole seat comfort question – and the problem of a man’s
privates getting tortured while long distance unicycling – I came across an
interesting advertisement. Terry Precision Cycling, which makes bike products
for women, has come up with two men’s saddles that are intriguing. Both the
“Molto Liberator” and “Men’s Liberator” have a big hole cut out of the upper
part of the saddle – right where you DON’T want saddle support. (“A safe haven
for sensitive parts of the anatomy,” says the catalog.) The “Molto Liberator” is
too wide – kind of a slow bicycling seat – but the “Liberator” may have
possibilities for unicyclists. Don’t know how one would mount the thing to the
post, given that it’s set up for racing cycles, but there’d probably be a way.
$45, according to the catalog;