Another unicycle threatening injury

I was doing a rolling hop over a 1 foot high rail and the back of my wheel landed on the rail. So I flipped back, hit my head on the rail, and my ankle is seriously sprained or broken, however my dad refuses to take me in to get an x-ray even though I can’t move my foot or walk. My weekend has been ruined and my dad has threatened to throw away my unicycle. I also got another gash on my shin from the pedal so my dad agreed to let me purchase some sixsixone 4x4’s. 40$ put to good use. Any Ideas on what to do while I’m recovering? Currently I’m stuck to the couch with a tv.

You hit you head on the rail?

You should teach your Dad some common sense there, and make him take you to the hospital.

my head is fine it didn’t hurt at all because I was wearing a skateboard helmet and the pain from my ankle put my head aside.

1 wear a helmet.
2. wear shinguards
3. maybe get some ankle braces. 661 has some good looking ones.

seriously, you should really get your dad to take you to the hospital. youd on’t want your ankle healing badly.

I think my dad might know somewhat what he’s doing. He has horrible ankle injuries and can’t even run so he knows what to do.

If he knew what he was doing, he could run. :o

crap that sounds bad…my dad is like that aswell …he says stuff like …“whats the point on risking your health for the sake of a unicycle”


i had an accident today and landed on my coccyx (sp!) and i prob cant ride for a good day or 2…but i always seem to land on it and it has to be the worst thing for me…also when i killed my hand in a thread i made a while ago he gave me a lecture about…not unicycling lol


Dude, he’s going to throw out your unicycle? Then youd be stuck inside all day and get fat.

The same thing happened to me sort of. i have been on crutches the last few days. today was the first time I have got to ride since i crashed. all I could do was ride around because it sort of hurt to hop. I have a splint brace on it but I’ll live. My dad said the same thing as your except my dad was joking because he know alot of the things I do can get me hurt.

my mum and dad dont care if i get hurt. they just say “o well its your fault”

Your dad is an idiot. You go to school? Not on vacation? First thing, hobble over to the nurse’s office and tell them what happenned and that you think you might have broken your foot. Better yet, just hobble over to a friend or neighbors’ and ask them to take you to a hospital. If your foot was spained, you’d be able to move it. If your dad knew what he was doing, he’d be walking, and if you listen to him, you -won’t- be.


You don’t wanna be crippled for life just because your dad’s being unreasonable. It might be your fault that you fell, but it’s not a reason to avoid going to a hospital. It’s your life, don’t let others mess it up if you can help it.