another unicycle carcass $$

its getting close to crunch time folks and nobody worth mentioning is bidding on my KH20 frame.i have plans for the Profile hub and cranks,but before i tear the wheel apart i figured i’d give you all 1 last chance at a great bargin.

i want $500 bones for the frame and 19" trials wheel,Kavachi built with Profile hub and 145mm cranks,everything is threre but the seat/post and pedals.slap your seat and pedals on,then your good to go.

its a $400 dollar frame and a $400 dollar wheel new and their only 5 months old.

another unicycle carcass $$

I’d like to bid on that, Jagur, but money’s tight all over.

Ever consider changing your avatar caption to “Fickle Unicyclist”?

… or is it something more like “As-Yet-Unsatisfied-Extra-Idealistic Unicyclist”?

Good luck with the New Year’s Sale!

Gluteous Cashius Minimus

you gonna flap your cheeks all night or do you got any cash?

Why exactly do you want to get rid of it? I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I wasn’t poor and unemoloyed, but I guess that doesn’t really help you much.

i want to get rid of it because i need cash to build my new unicycle.i only posted this thread because i thought there might be a chance i would’nt have to tear apart another nicely build wheel.

out with the old in with the new:)

I’ll send you my freestyle uni + some cash.

i was thinkin about that last week,but you told me you wanted a 24"

anyway my KH20 is close to being shipped to Canada,i’ll let you know if things change.

I’ll take that thing in a New York minute.

then you sould have said that a week ago…