another unicycle backpack thread

i know there are posts on this already, but i can’t seem to find any pics or detailed solutions. i’m figuring the snowboard type pack is the go, just not sure exactly where to put the straps; assuming one on forks at the top (around just one side of forks or through spokes to other side?) and one on seatpost at bottom? sound right? any need for other stabilising straps or occys?

I got a Dakine Helipack specifically to carry my uni, it has plenty of straps, and is very stylish too. The only problem I have with it is how heavy it is with the uni strapped to it, other than that it is a very light and nice backpack. I use it for school too but the only downfall is its small capacity, but you shouldn’t be Bringing anything more than just a couple of tools on your ride and water. But it’s a great backPack you should definitely look into it.

i’m assuming you have the 11L version? do you put the uni on upside down?

Yes I do have the 11l version and I actually have only put it on with the seat sticking up because it hits my bike tire if I put it on upside down.

Hahaha well its not the backpacks fault for the unicycle being heavy :stuck_out_tongue:

Not at all, I just have a very heavy unicycle and it is uncomfortable for me to ride with it on my backpack sometimes