Another UNICON video

So here it is, my UNICON video. There is a random clip of beerpong at the end.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any riding clips from the MUni, due to my sprained ankle.


It was my first UNICON and my first and last video of this convention. I liked the experience of filming a bit of everything but it was kind of boring at the end.

Anyway, thanks to the organisers and all of the volunteers of this UNICON, you guys made an awesome job!

I may do another video of most of the UNICON places and with clips of one of the concerts (RONNY RONSON ROCKS !) If I do so, I’ll post it here.

I hope you enjoy !


Cool! I liked it a lot. Was the BC wheel at the end one of the new K1 ones?
Also looked like you got the flip from a great angle, you can definatly tell he landed.
Overall a great video! Thanks for putting it up.

Awesome, that was really good. I like videos that show everything that went on.

Yeah, it’s the 20" one with long plates, I didn’t bring any of mine so I rode that one a little bit.

Awesome video… it looked great! I wish I could get to unicon next time! The freestyle at the start was amazing too :astonished:

wow nice job. a good length too.

Great vid, are there any other “unicon” summary vids like this one?

Wow unicon looked like so much fun! I wish I had been there

Great video ! Can we add it to the Unicon XIV Channel on UTV ?

I also upload a video from the downhill race, you can find it here

Yeah, no problem.

Thanks guys for the comments! :slight_smile:

Great, can you upload it in a better quality then the Youtube flash ? a HQ WMV would be great !