another uni vid made it onto failblog

this one sucks though…compared to the escalator fail. it looks staged.

failblog is failing.


totally staged. if he has the coordination and balance to hop on a uni then theres no way he cant land on his own 2 feet without falling onto the edge of the deck and then flick his body in to the water.

this is just plain embarasing for the sport

he could have just stood up, but instead chose to make a fool of himself and fall in a pond… strange :thinking:

For failblog, thats pretty lame.

Is it me or at the start the little angel statue is peeing?Lol :smiley:
Doesent look too good either (I mean the fall not the statue)He basically could have easily landed on his feet and why would you film yourself doing something you cant do?Well I suppose he might of used it to see what he did wrong but…

This is indeed totaly fake.
Notice how he lands with one feet ready to dive away into the pond.

if its not fake, he just suck :smiley: