Another 'Uni club meet' thread

i’ve been wondering how to phrase my request
then i saw deb’s thread and thought ‘poach, poach, poach’
so as not to hijack her thread, i started my own

sadly my journey won’t be nearly as impressive as hers
i’m heading off to London (UK sofa) for a three week holiday from the 7th till the 29th of May
the trip will include two days in Bath, two days in Cornwall and a long weekend in paris ('cause i just have to go to morrisson’s grave) the rest of the time will be in London

i’d really like to turn-a-wheel with some of the faces i only know by nick on this forum
i wont be travelling with uni (it was close, the spectre of the divorce court turned me back from the brink of victory:( ) but i would love to gatecrash a uni-meet of some sort and would really appreciate an opportunity to try some of the fabulous unis i keep reading about
(a chance to actually play uni-hockey against more than three other people wouldn’t be half bad either)

failing all of the above, a cup of coffee with a fellow unier would be grand

i will be travelling with girlfriend who’s not nearly as keen on unis as i am (when we moved into our new home i suggested a nice uni rack as part of the living room furnishings. man, did that idea not fly!{recognise the quote Jagur?}) so i’ll probably be able to negotiate my way into one evening of uni-spotting

if u’re in the area and the idea of meeting someone from Africa doesn’t fill u with absolute dread, give me a shout

best way to get hold of me is on unigild @ hotmail dot com

(only 36 sleeps!!:smiley: )

If you felt like playing hockey, make sure you’re in London for a Thursday night, cos we play hockey every thursday @ 8pm, in the school near Tufnell Park underground station, directions on this link.

Alternatively, if you just want to go riding, your best bet is to post nearer the time and say who wants to come riding on a Saturday in London, or an evening or whatever.

I might be thinking of someone else, but are you into poi, cos there’s a poi in the park in Clapham Common on Sundays which should be starting up by then and is a good thing to do on a sunny sunday in London. It’s near the bandstand on Clapham Common (Clapham South or Clapham Common underground station).

Post on here or PM me nearer the time if you want more info or to arrange to meet up with people to do some riding or whatever.


Re: Another ‘Uni club meet’ thread

joemarshall wrote:
> Alternatively, if you just want to go riding, your best bet is to post
> nearer the time and say who wants to come riding on a Saturday in
> London, or an evening or whatever.

Or better still who wants to come riding in Bath, since he’s planning to
spend 2 days there :stuck_out_tongue:

Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
Why I like OE6 -
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine

ON the way to of from Cornwall you will alomost certainly go past or through Exeter. Your welcome to pop in for a cup of tea. However we will be cycling round the county( on holiday cycle touring) between the 10th and 15th, so not then as we won’t be home.


Gild it sounds like your girlfriend is a pain in the ass.
What is the trip for if you can’t do your own thing? What are you going to Bath and Cornwall for - to see friends? Cant you make an afternon free.

two days in Cornwall!

i’m in cornwall!

maybe some of us from the southwest could meet up then you could join us on a ride?

no, she’s not and if i created that impression in my original post, i have to take this opportunity to set the record straight
she’s the kewlest chick in the world and i love her like there’s no tomoro
i’ve never been outside of the country of my birth and i’m looking forward to this like nothing
she’s put together this trip and given it to me as one of the kewlest gifts i’ve ever received
for me to ‘hi-jack’ it by hanging out with unicyclists (kewl people tho u are) all the time, would not be kewl
it’s a fine balancing act for which i’m sure there’s a name…:wink:
since we’ll have a bit more time in london, i hope to hook up with the Lunis for some uni-hockey
the trips to bath and cornwall will be pretty short sightseeing jaunts to check out the baths (duh?) and as many sites linked to the king arthur legend as we can fit in

if u’re in any of the ‘affected’ areas over the next three weeks and u’re riding thru town and a shaven headed guy screams ‘hey! u gained a wheel!’ at u, that’ll be me


i’m back

i did
i was
and i nearly died
apart from tiring, it was also a whole lot of fun and i must say a big thanx to joe, tim, john, rocket, george…(and i promised i wouldn’t forget any names…) and the rest of the guys who were happy to play 5 on 4 to give me a chance to play a game of uni-hockey
i hope the next time i see u guys will be at an international uni-hockey tournament!

while i was in Bath (the saturday evening of the opening of the festival), i saw a unicyclist on the street
two young gentlemen, one with long blond hair, carrying backpacks that seemed to have juggling kit in them and one fat-tyred 20" uni-cycle
i couldn’t get to them before they dissapeared
but i’m curious to know if u know anyone by that description

where in cornwall are u?
i know it’s a bit late now:p , but since i really like your part of the word, i’m just curious to know in which part of it u stay

the lovely rainy (its been raining all day) Southwest of cornwall

i got to see port isaac, port gaverne, goran haven and padsmore (i think)
very pretty part of the world
it reminded me of south africa’s mpumalanga- and western cape provinces