another uni/bmx video

cool vid

Nice vid.
how did you get into uniing from BMX?

pioneer of true 20’s and shortys, dibbles you reign supreme over the streets of Lincoln as Jah over Zion, shall it be known the general is just and loving with no vengeance in his heart, he has no enemies for his conscience accepts but only one truth, one knowledge, that no fellow man nor beast shall test the strength of his dedication for none shall fear his supreme authority

i am sleepy, yes?

you could say that.


all it was was spins…

that was awesome!

BMXing looks so hard…

and your video is where?

I can barely do a 180 spin on my bike… I’ve been riding a bike since I was 5.


It was mean when you jumped over that bike rack. The song is stuck in my head.

i always feel like somebodies watching me.