Another Unemployed Unicyclist

I knew it was heading my way, just didn’t think it would be so soon. My company posted a layoff of 15 management personnel and my name was on the list. Even more layoffs in the plant.

Lots of free time now to ride Diet Coker, work on unicycle club stuff and spend more time back on RSU. I’m actually going to enjoy some free time after so many years in the workforce.



Sorry to hear the news!

I too was laid off last summer, fortunately I got two months notice and started the new job last month without any gaps. Unfortunately I spent one of those two months off in a cast!

Enjoy the break and stay off any 9 footers that you may come across.

That sucks B,

Best of luck with things between jobs, have some fun and collect that unemployment check from your company as long as you can!

Take it easy


Re: Another Unemployed Unicyclist


I am very, very sorry to hear your news, too. As one who lives in fear of similar news (can anyone say telecom?), I can sympathize. Sounds from your post that you have some resources to get you through for a while.

Enjoy the free time while you can and hope something comes along soon!


Been over a year now for me, and it’s like that for others in my field (embedded software development). Unicycling has really made a difference during this time. My riding skills improve as my technical skills erode.

Good luck to us all!


Which sucks more, work or unemployment? I hope you find something soon that lights you up as much as unicycling does and gives you a ton of cash for enjoying it to boot! You deserve it. And if you get a ton of cash and need help moving it somewhere you may borrow my truck. I’ll drive it to Illinois and help you shovel.

Re: Another Unemployed Unicyclist


Sorry to hear the news. If you have been as much of an asset to your
company as you have been to the unicycling community (especially locally),
then they must be in dire straits.

Use us as references.


One of my famous (to my family that is) quotes, “This working for a living thing sure gets in the way of life.”


Best of luck to you Bruce. I’ve always enjoyed your company around here. Hell, I guess you getting laid off is a good thing, because we’ll be seeing more of you lately. Don’t let it stress you out. Stay on top.