Another TV uni sighting

On the Drew Carey show this week Drew was in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. He was
watching a guy juggling hats while another guy rode around him on a unicycle.

John Hooten Who just might be watching too much TV

RE: Another TV uni sighting

John Hooten is watching too much TV…

Another unicyclist in Tiananmen Square? Seems like they’re there all the time
now. And after all that trouble we went through when we were there in '93…

But I was just reading in last month’s BICYCLING Magazine about some American
journalists riding around Beijing on (rental) bikes. The article was written
by Mark Finkel, who wrote the article about MUni and George Peck in BICYCLING
last year.

He and his partner/photographer rode around Beijing, and his impressions and
story were similar to some of my own experiences when I was there. Including
when they went to Tiananmen Square and were asked not to ride in it. He made the
comment that the area had hundreds of policemen who’s jobs seemed to be making
up arbitrary rules for foreigners.

Can’t wait till we hit the Square again in 2000!

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