Another trials video


I just finished editing a video last night. It can be found at The riding in it is a little old and isn’t that great. It was filmed at the beginning of the summer and both Ryan and myself have improved since then. I’d like to know what you folks think of the music (made by my friend, Chip) and whether the riding works well with the music.

I’m looking forward to hear what everyone thinks.


hey jeff

lovin the tunes man, its a change from all that hardcore shit ya hear all the time ( isnt bad or anything) but its a nice change. the ridings really good to for old clips, cant wait till we meet again to go riding.


Sweet Riding. Wish it was a bit longer, but the riding and the music are very nice. Keep up the good work.


Loved it! Musics a great choice in my mind, video looks great, and I enjoyed seeing you hopping the benches down at harbour front… Nice to see a vid of a place I ha been, and sat at haha.

Jeff, congrats on a great video. Megumi and Beau and I loved the riding, loved the music! I just wish it were longer. But why the sometimes helmet, sometimes no helmet? Man those are big moves; you could end your life if you hit your head. Do I sound old or what? Anyway, post more and keep riding! You guys are on your way to redefining what’s possible.


HAHAHAHAHA!!! …Maybe I should reiterate, AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The riding is awesome. So is the music and the editing. My only complaint is that it’s too short. I want more! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, good job. I can’t wait to film you guys.

  • Zachary

Thanks for all your kind comments. The next movie I make I’ll try to make longer. I just need to get my own camera. I agree about the helmets. In the future I won’t put people’s moves in a video unless they are wearing a helmet.


nice riding and music!

note: if you click on the link and notice it isn’t working, there is a period on the end of the link you need to delete

Sorry this one should work


The video was great and, yes, too short. And the change in music greatly appreciated. I love the skills on display in all the trials videos, but they’ve been starting to get a bit formulaic, much like TV sit-coms and cop buddy movies.

I’m still waiting for someone to use The Dance of the Hours (wav). :wink:

Cheers and thanks,
Raphael Lasar

Fantastic vid my friend, and I have to agree with everyone else, the music really suited it! Nice and mellow! Keep up the good work!

heeey, very nice movie !! your jump-technic over the benches looks so easy, great ! but what can you say about your tyre pressure ? it seems like very low pressure, is it ?


ummm, my tire pressure was probably around 27 psi, but i really have no clue. Hard enough not to flat… Soft enough to still hop high. It’s no exact science!


Ryan, my tire pressure is normally at ~32psi. that’s for me the perfect pressure to do sidehops and it is hard enough for drops. my problem are frontal moves on small, thin rails or, like in the video, park benches. if i would use a lower tire pressure, it must be easier to to these moves, but you’re right, it isn’t an exact science…