ANOTHER trials video!!! (sorry)


I’m sorry! I know there has been quite a few new trials videos knocking around, and Phil and Bens inspired me to do mine! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the first one I have put music to.

The quality aint great, as I have had to compress it a ton, especialy the music!


If you cant download the whole thing, you can download individual clips from my gallery.

Please tell me what you think. I know that the quality aint great, there is a bit that jumps (im using a crap program) and that it is the first one I have done…



Very COOL Joe.

hey, cool video, you`ve got some really cool shots in there,


that was awsome kudos on that gap between the two pillers.

i love how ur garbage cans are called grit bins

Re: dude!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

No, the ‘grit bins’ (the yellow ones) are actually bins with grit in them for in the winter (the green ones are rubbish bins/grabage cans!)!! :stuck_out_tongue: They are cool for jumping onto/off etc.


I’m glad no one actually spotted that i cant spell ‘unicyclist’!



What’s that song in the video? It’s giving me nightmares. I just hate it. I HATE IT!!! Aaaargh. I almost stuck pens to my ears. And I’ve seen the music video once too. It made me feel like I should stick my thumbs in my eyes.

Hey Joona,

The song is called ‘I believe in a thing called love’, sang by ‘The Darkness’.

Sorry! :frowning:

Joe, :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing to be sorry about. It’s just me. I just hate that singers voice.

Man, I LOVE that song! Seems a lot of music nowadays is going back to th 70’s and 80’s. I guess everyone is realizing how much music today sucks, so they’re taking a step back to when it didn’t suck and trying to start over and figure out what went wrong the first time around. In Darkness’s case, with a Freddy Mercury/Hair metal vibe.

Rock on.

Man, I’ve been jacking a lot of threads lately, sorry guys. Cool video. Crazy gaps.

Just want to say this. No flaming or anything at all. Just my little opinion. Nothing to worry about and so on…

I don’t have anything against 70’s and 80’s music. Most of the stuff I listen to is from 70’s. And I used to listen to Queen some years ago. This guy just has something in his voice that gives me creeps.

And most of the music nowadays really sucks. (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Eminem, Shakira, N’sync, Limp Bitzkit, Linkin Park, J. Lo, and countless bands/artists I can’t name because I’ve forgotten the names… )

Back to topic. Nice riding.


as for the music, it was either goine to be the Darkness, or the Who - Pinball Wizard (I love that song) but i had just the right amount of video for th Darkness, so I chose that.

I have noticed that thing about music tastes too!

I am 15, and love the Jam, tho Who etc. I cant wait to get a Vespa, and have that ‘Way of life - mod’. It will suit me just fine!

The mods wear/wore Parkers. They were the original dudes who started the whole thing, but now, more and more people are starting to wear parkers again, just because bands are wearing them. It is so annoying. I guess it is up to the individual what they wear, but they dont know the background behind it. They also all ride around on horrible little 50cc scooters that are like hair driers, and only go 30mph! :angry:

Sorry for jacking my own thread, just I hate the way people think fashion is ‘new’


Yes pinball wizard would have been great. Finally there is someone that understand good music and not this new crap they have today. If i ever make a video i definitley am going to have a song from the WHO. Well anyway it was a good video.