Another trials obstacle idea...

I just thought of a trials obstacle that would be heaps of fun to try out. Also, if it worked it would be great for fun trials competitions. Here’s what it is…

Two vertical boards with about a 1.2 - 1.5m gap between them that are really well supported. Each board has a series of notches attached like rungs on a ladder. The unicyclist starts in between them and hops onto one of the notches. As he or she lands, they immediately spring off and gap to a higher rung on the other board. They keep doing this and try to get as high up the boards as they can.

Sounds fun hey. :slight_smile:


“So, tell me again how you broke you leg, and lost all the skin on your arm?”

“Well, I got this idea to take my unicycle, and hop up between these two boards. They had little notches in them, you know, so the wheel could catch, and everything. Well, I was doing really good, but when I got to the top, I didn’t know how to get down…”

Sounds like fun to me!

That would be pretty cool, but fairly hard. I think the boards ought to be slightly sloped, because I think the pedal could possibly catch on the one right above it.
And I agree with sockmonster, there should be a better way to get then than to fall. :slight_smile:

That looks like fun, maybe I should try it next summer if I have learnt to pedal grab by the time. Maybe we can figure somthing out on the getting down part. Maybe if the boards were something like big boxes (really well supported) so you could finally jump on top of them. Then dismount there or drive down a railing or something like that.

Yeh well I just thought of the idea and drew a diagram about a minute later so I haven’t really put that much thought into it. I agree that it should be done (if possible) in the form of two boxes so you can try to get up on top of them. If it was angled out a bit it could only really be a little bit because otherwise the gaps would get really big towards the top. Although, maybe that’d add an extra little challenge to it.