Another Torker lx question

My original LX seat was pretty comfortable - it’s the same as the miyatas, which are also very popular and comfortable.

I cut down the foam and added some gel from a gel seat. it is now very very comfortable.

and it’s black, so it’s slick.

I love my LX, the seat isnt too bad. I don’t sit often. I have dropped off at least 3 feet with no issues at all, I weigh 160 pounds. I did replace the pedals, the plastic ones just didn’t stick to my feet. I put Kona Jackshits on and have had no issues.

I have the same problem with the pedeas and if they are wet it is very hard to ride. What pedals did yo uput on it?

Seats and Pedals

Mixed Reaction:

I like the Torker LX 24" for the price. Mine is a 2004.
The plastic pedals don’t grip well.
The post is suspect, mine hasn’t shown any problems, and it’s solid to a point, but I can easily concieve of issues evolving out of constant moderate to hard abuse. Basic trail riding isn’t be a problem and it’s been fine for me.
The seat is rough, but it’s useable. It’s comparable to the Torker’s price range.

Buy it and upgrade isn’t necessarily a bad idea, it’s more affordable for those of us without the expendable incomes. The torker is sort of a proletarians unicycle, like a small Japanese car, or a cheap pair of converse tennis shoes, affordably mass produced and well enough for now.

I stripped the threads in one of my cranks last night and had the LBS order me some more 170mm cranks before doing any research. But I just noticed my crank puller tool doesn’t fit the 20" LX cranks I have. Can you recommend a specific crank puller tool I should look for that will work best with the LX? stop selling them or what? my friend wants one and i cant find it on the website