Another Torker DX question

i went to my bike shop yesterday and asked the guy if he could get the torker dx in the store, because he is a provider of he called and said they have them in stock and i asked him to make sure it was the 2006 or 2007 model and informed him that i had heard something about a bad frame. He asked the guy on the phone and he said that the torker models are not named by year…is this true?..and do you think that i probably ordered the correct model…he said unistar torker DX 20 inch. I put a down payment of 25$ on it lol. And is there a noticable difference between the models so that i can tell when he gets it in the store?

they arent done by date technically

the 20" is the trials one

the only difference is the frame, more tyre clearence and stronger

is it possible to tell the difference by eye…if so is there a picture i could see?

This is the model on…so this is probably the one i ordered…is this the newer model?

That is the older model. The 2006 model.

Dont worry though, cause I have heard of people buying the DX when it shows last years model, and the receive the 2007 model.

I dont see why Torker would send you an old model when a new one is out anyways.

Update us when you get the uni. Youll easily be able to see the difference between the two.

ok thanks…hm now i’m nervous lol. Yea it would’nt make sense to send out an old unicycle