another tire pressure ?


i know there was a thread on this not too long ago, but-

i have a torker lx, mostly i use it for trials / street. it has a kenda k-rad tire on it which is supposed to be aired to about 60 psi on a normal bike. when i first started riding, i had read somewhere that unicyclists generally have over the recommended psi in the tire. but then i was reading threads and people were talking about having their tires at very low psi, like 20. or even less. it seems like there would be good reasons for doing that (shock absorbtion, higher hops etc…) but it also seems that you’d have more trouble bending rims, balancing, etc…
i weigh about 130, im 5’6" so, where do you think i should put it? where would be a good spot to start expirementing? right now its prolly around 70psi. thanks

People only usually have low tire pressures in trials or muni tires so it absorbs some shock and it gives more of a spring for hops but I don’t think there would be much advantage to having a freestyle type tire at a low pressure, just do what feels comfortable.

it goes by weight for trials and person, but if you are BUC pretty everyone has a similar pressue.

I would say it’s around all tread on ground and a little bulge out, but it’s different for everyone.

When I first put together the torker LX, I set the pressure to 60 psi (Tire is rated to 65 psi on the side lettering)…

I noticed right away that it was very very stiff, I could not bunny hop so easily because I had practically zero bounce-back. …

So I took a few psi out of it, I didn’t measure it again, but I think its down to about 50 or so… its just about right. I get the right amount of bouce and it still rolls quite well !