ANOTHER Summit trials on ebay!

Here’s yet ANOTHER (new condition) Summit Trials on ebay:

The STARTING bid is $275 (no bids yet) and you can calculate your shipping cost; to my area it would put the uni at about $315, IF…the bid price doesn’t go up and there only one bid. Looks like there’s about 4 days left on the auction.

I’m guessing by the ebay username, “pdcunicycle”, that it’s one of our forum members, “PDC”.

yup thats him…i was gonna buy that uni from hima while back.

I just bought the SAME uni, aslo in new condition, basically never ridden, for $245, plus $18 shipping. I think I got kinda lucky on this one, I don’t know.

i wish i had money…

Oh you bought a Summit huh? Good for you…

Yeah. I thought the price seemed pretty good, and I also figured it might be a little better quality (or at least as good) then other new unis in that price range, but I could be wrong.

your right…the summit is a very respectactable uni…you will be very pleased.

Here you go.

That’s a different one.