Another, slightly humorous, short video of me unicycling


you should invest in a decent camera sometime.

I like all the backwards stuff, it was cool

yea i know…i’m gunna get one for christmas.


I filmed some stuff at a skatepark last week, but I never get around to editing it.

edit: what camera?

Ha, I was just about to ask if it was taken with a cell phone then the credits answered my question.

i have no idea what camera yet. I just want a digital video camera. Nothing too special. If you (or anyone else) want, i could edit any videos for you

I just might take you up on that offer.

my friend just got this camera. Its a little pricey even when its on sale for around $550, but its awesome. great qualitie video and it has loads of features.

do you have an email?


thats a nice camera…i’ll probably have to go a little cheaper though


I personally rpobably wouldnt spend more the $450 on a camera.

I can get you the footage tommorow probably.

k sure…just let me know in the email if you have any prefences in titles or song or anything…if not i’ve got plenty of good ones to choose from.

cool video… shame about the quality but since its from a mobile, thats not too bad, i’m not sure my phone could do anything that good lol… luckily i have two friends with HD cameras so i might makes some nice videos when i’m actually good.

I’ve been thinking about saving up for a camera but my dad won’t let me so I’m sitting here with a hundred dollars. Guess I’ll just keep saving.

i thought about getting my own, but i got my mums digi camera and my gf, and those two friends with really nice cameras… my advice, just wait and borrow someone elses… i mean u’ll need someone else to film you anyways,…