another short street video -riding around town

Whats up Antwane

I made an acount and saw all of the things you’ve been saying about us. (those silly little bicycles) real funny. . :angry: Why didn’y you tell me about kevin. You have other friends besides us. Forget You You Just Wait

Get a better host please.

isnt angelfire a free host?

Our Chat Room

It’s funny how we never go to our chat room any more. Should I delete it or leave it there. It might even be slowing our website down. It looks like now I’m part of the unicyclist community NOw. :slight_smile:

We add just about a new video each week to our website so you other unicycle guys should stay in touch with One Way Bikes

i liked the video but wait a little longer and make it longer .


yes please do just ask gilby for a gallery they are so much better

There all mine

I’m the one who edited the videos on the One Way Bikes website. there all only just about 45sec of riding but have some good music. I don’t ride a unicycle just if you guys wanted to know.

I was wondering if anyone knew how to make them load faster. It takes more time then they should to load the video up into the movie player. At least 1 to 5 min.

You could find another forum on editing videos and stop clogging up our forum with non unicycling material…

I like that guys style, hes so smoooth.


I did like the grind to a tiregrab. Nice combo, but it, and your street in general NEEDS more fluidity. Alot of your stuff is a bit choppy.

the 180 pedal grab 180 was choppy because i threw a half rev in with it so my opposite foot was forward for the 180 out

Hahah great stuff!

Re: Whats up Antwane

Good stuff,it was short though.
THe grind/tire grab was slick.The 180 pedal grab rev 180 would have also been cool if you could have just made it all 180 but it wasnt that bad.

Was it just me,or does it not have any sound?

Anyone could see he said it as a joke.