Another shirt idea...

…for the uni-obsessive.

I through this together pretty quick. So far it’s just a concept. I will have to work out color ideas and detail possibilities. But I like where it’s going.

Across the front:

On the back:

All suggestions/comments will be appreciated…with hugs wherever possible.

It’s definetly a cool design, but I dont think it would be a great shirt, And the eyes in the 'I’s are just weird.

The eyes go with the “fixation” idea…as well as liven up the front logo.

good logo. I likes it.

the logo “it’s in the blood” is kind of a rebelly-thing, and it’s different from any uni shirt i’ve seen yet…
which makes it cool.

instead of the eyes on top of the I’s, try unicycles, or wheels.

I understand that, but the eyes are ugly, make them different.

I think it’d be cooler if you just had the word ‘OBSESSED.’ written in people riding unicycles.

The letter “o” in unifixation should be a Unicycle