Another SH Muni

What’s Black and White with at touch of Grey?

It is not the aging cast of the Mod Squad, it is my new SH Muni


SH 24" Frame
SH Splined Hub
SH Splined Shimano Crank Arms
White Sun-Ringle Double Wide
24x3 Gazz
Cheapo 27.2 seat post
Miyata Saddle Frame modifed to take 4 post rail adapter
GB4 Stiffener plate drilled for 4 post rail adapeter
Leather Air Seat Cover with 16" tube
Kinport Handle and Bumpers

I’m off for its inaugural ride. Will post the rest of the pics later this weekend.


VERY Nice!!!

droool Man that looks sweet, where would you get one of those?

Alex :smiley:

Re: Another SH Muni

Has Steve Howard made a 20" trials frame yet? That would be nice.


Yep, saw that today among a dozen unis, couldn’t keep my eyes off it. Just don’t leave it unattended too long!

And, this machine is light, are all SH light? I remember harper’s is also helium like.

Sure hope UniBrier’s new MUni didn’t fall into a heap on it’s inagural ride! It’s neat to see it put together. That big ol’ white Sun rim really sets off the black frame and Gazz.

Nope - not yet anyway.

The CNC aluminum frames I’ve made are pretty light. The latest version is slightly lighter than the earlier frames like Harper’s. I think it weighs about 1.75 pounds. The hub is light too (but hopefully strong) and combined with aluminum cranks makes for a very light weight MUni.

Steve Howard

The only thing that fell into a heap was its rider.

The inaugural ride went off like a dream. Between the lighter frame and the 24x3 gazz I was riding at a whole new level compared to my 26x2.6.

The Q on the cranks is just right, the only thing I need to do is some additional adjustments on the air seat and lock-tight the screws. I got it assembled barely in time for Saturday morning’s ride. I originally was going to do black spokes but they couldn’t find black in that length. I like the end result of Black and White with a touch of Silver.

I put up a few more pre-ride pics.

I didn’t do anything big enough to test the hub or cranks. Thanks to Harper we got kicked out of the park before the rest of us could jump around on the picnic tables. Kids these days.

Thanks Steve! Now to come up with a name…

Re: Another SH Muni

Steve, both of you! :smiley: If those MUni’s get looking any sweeter, I am just going to have to have one or two just for their ‘fine art factor’… yeah, hang 'em on the wall of my living room, humm, over the couch would be nice…:wink:

Great MUni, don’t know for sure how Unibier was riding before his new MUni but on the inaugural ride he sure was tearing up the trail… Hey, Steve Howard if I get a MUni from you will I be able to ride like Unibier…?!


…yeah, that’s mighty nice!

Can anyone share the price tag?

Any plans for Maggy Brake adaptablility?

Any chance of just getting the frame?