Another purchase question!

You guys are great! I got so many great responses last time about purchasing a unicycle, but I forgot to ask about safety gear! Besides the unicycle, what should I get my husband in terms of helmets/arm/knee pads etc.?

As much as I’d like him to be able to pick something out himself, it would suck for him to feel like he can’t try out his new unicycle on Christmas Day because I forgot the safety gear!

Any recommendations? What to get? How much is too much? What’s essential vs what I should hold off on and have him pick out?

Thanks again!

maybe get him a skate helmet
other than that wait till he starts riding harder. (if he does)
when you are first learning most people dont need anysafety gear


I agree.

Yeah, maybe a helmet… And wrist gaurds would probably be nice too.
Sometimes if you fall and catch yourself with your hands, your wrists get a hurt a little
(I porsonally didnt use any saftey gear when learning)

a helmet and wrist guards.

i didnt use any when I started. I have the Kh version but these would be helpful eventually leg protectors most of the time learners just land on their feet but I have cut up my legs pretty good. Btw tell him to let the unicycle fall, b/c most of the time when people try to catch it all the time that is when they get hurt. some people use helmets tho.

for your husband
leg protectors
wrist protection

that would be a really good gift but at first a unicycle on its own is good.

I would suggest wrist guards (Harbingers being the best), and a skate helmet. I cannot recall how many times I would have broken my wrists falling from my uni. Not to mention that I have already broken both my wrists on separate occasions riding uni - I guess I have learned my lesson the hard way.
Also, a pair of bike shorts with pads are a good idea for newbies as the inner thighs get rashed. A local MEC store near you should carry them for $35.

I think that arm and leg armor is going overboard. Why not wear a suit of medieval armor?:slight_smile:


As for wrist pads. Anyone of these will be an ideal pick. :smiley: BTW this is from Oz UDC.

1) I wouldn’t say it is.
2) Cause how would you balance yourself with armour that probably weighs more then you do??? :smiley:

Hard plastic wrist guards made for inline skating were indispensable when I was learning. A helmet is good too–bike or skate style are fine. He’ll know if/when he needs/wants other protective gear.

My learning days I didn’t use any gear, but thinking back the things I would have worn- wrist protection and helmet.

The fall the pops into my head is the uni flying out from under you while your feet are still trying to pedal… resulting in you falling backwards on your ass and instinctively catching yourself on your hands, or not having time to put your hands down and knocking the back of your head.

Here are two videos I found on YouTube as examples, falling to the front and falling to the rear.

Just don’t do this:

You always let the uni fall ?

I thought it interesting that you always let the uni fall, and you cut your legs a lot. Could there be a connection ? 

I always try to hold onto the saddle when I go down in front. This keeps the wheel and pedals safely back there, instead of allowing it to crash into me. And I have never cut my legs on a forward upd !:slight_smile: Just a thought. I think my real purpose in trying to catch it was to avoid the sound of fine metal grinding on concrete, but it may have a safety edge as well.

I vote wrist wraps as the essential gear. I did a lot of palm plants, and the front of my Harbingers are all scratched up. I think the palm plant is the most popular way to go down.

I can’t really say bad stuff about the helmut and leg gear, except I bought some and only wore them once. It’s so terribly hot here, so until it cools down I just wear wrist wraps. Knowing that the wrists can harmlessly plow a lot of pavement allows the arms to save the knees. So when I ride level streets I don’t feel I really need the leg stuff, even on the 36. For a beginner on a small wheel, the leg stuff is over kill IMHO.

Helmets are real cheap, maybe buy one anyway, maybe he will want to wear it. But it’s a bit over kill also, on a 20 on a level road. They aren’t as tall as walking, nor faster. None of my friends that I offered one to wanted to wear it to learn on. But maybe buy one anyway, he will need it later if he moves onto more dangerous things. Or it might boost confidence in some riders.

I learnt with no safety equipment but I think that some sort of wrist protection is a good idea. I use KH wrist wraps now but the Harbinger wrist guards are probably the best.

Don’t worry about shin-guards for learning the basics, the LX comes with plastic pedals anyways so you can’t cut up your legs.

Tell your husband to let the unicycle fall, that’s why the seat has plastic bumpers and to focus on keeping the unicycle under him instead of trying to stay on the unicycle. Most of my early falls resulted in me going from riding to walking/running when my unicycle all of a sudden wasn’t under me anymore.

Thanks again!

You are all so helpful! I just purchased his unicycle and I’m so excited for him (he’s been wanting one for years). I also passed along links to the helmet and wrist guards (as well as a link to the air pillow!?!-sounded good) to family who would like to get him something but not break the bank. To those who were suggesting the Harbinger Wrist Guards…where should I look for those? All I could find was ones for weight lifting!

Thanks again!

ps-anyone in San Jose CA? We are here for a year (until next July).

I’ve done worse. :smiley:

I never used any of the protection stuff when I learned and only use the leg armor now. About letting it drop I don’t drop mine but my g/f always tries to save the unicycle and she has done some of the best wipe outs I have ever seen on a unicycle. If I had a video I would upload it because it would amaze everyone I’m sure. She’s not quite coordinated you could say. I was just posting possible safety gear like she asked for.