another price increase

i spotted another puzzling price increase.its on the KH20 pro model (the same one i have that almost sold) i bought it 5 months ago for $911,last month i noticed it went up to $929.well now i just saw that it is $999.

this price is a little crazy if you add up all the not saying that no one is ever going to buy one at that price but i know i wouldnt if it where $999 5 months ago.

also note that it is pictured with good Primo pedals but is accually listed and comes with crappy Twisted PC’s

on a good note the Tiawan version at the top of the screen has gone down one dollar.

oh wait,the Summit is now $329 instead of $299

(prices listed in this post subject to change) :stuck_out_tongue:

not another price increase

I bought the Onza Trials 20" in October for $389.00

The price has gone down to $349.00 :slight_smile:

uni57 (Dave)

Re: another price increase

I don’t know what’s going on with the pricing, but what may be happening is that they’re putting a more normal markup on the KH Pro unicycles now that the lower cost KH Taiwan made unicycles are available. They may have been discounting from their normal markup just because the KH Pro unicycles were so expensive and there weren’t any alternatives for a bomb proof unicycle at the time. Now that the Taiwan made KH unicycles are available there are lower cost alternatives for a bomb proof uni and no need to discount the Pro series to make them easier to afford.

Again, I know nothing of their pricing strategies. I’m just making a little guess as to what may be going on.

ah, theres nothing better than having your thread resurected from the dead… :smiley:

i see your point John so now i guess we where the the lucky investers.