Another post asking for advice on what MUni to buy

I’ve decided to purchase a new MUni and thought I’d seek the advice of the group.

I’d like to keep it below $700 (US).

It may be silly but the main reason I want a new MUni is the upcoming Moab MUni-Fest. Last year I was embarrassingly slow and, as is my custom, I choose to blame that on the equipment. Someone, I think it might have been JF, commented at the conclusion of my first and only attempt in the downhil slalom:

“Was that a trial run?”

To which I had to sheepishly reply:

“Nope, that’s the best I’m gonna be able to do.”

I really haven’t been looking too seriously but I’m interested to know if there is a “hands-down-winner” in that price range.

I apologize for asking previously answered questions but I’m also wondering about brakes. I’ve never ridden terrain where I felt I needed a brake but given the popularity of brakes today I wonder if I’m missing out here.

I’ve considered pursuing custom-built but it seems that there are many good production unicycles to choose from. Anyone want to comment on the relative merits of both? And, if custom may be the preferred choice how does one find the necessary supplies and skilled craftsmen to put it all together.

At this time I’m leaning heavily towards the KH24 with magura brakes. I’m unfamiliar with the Onza and Yuni models but they look interesting too. It looks as though is out of stock on the KH24. Are there other sources for this (or other similar quality) unicycle?


I’d probably also lean towards the KH24". I haven’t tried the other two, but I think the KH and Onza have better frames than the Yuni unicycles. I don’t know where you can find alternative sources, surely march is not too far away to wait for. You could order one from, but I’m not sure if they have the 2004 cranks without the protuberances (they would be worth the wait). Good luck in making the best decision.

Im waiting for the Kh24 march edition! I dont think I’m going to get the brake attached, I’m going to wait to see if I will be in need of it and then get the red magura set, does the one you get with the KH24 include the brackets, because of the note at the botom of the details it says that this doesnt include brake brackets…is that talking about if you dont get the brake included or if you do?

If I were you, I’d go with the KH24 also. I can’t help you with the brakes question, I’ve never used them.

If I make it to Moab this year, I’ll be sure to look you up on your cool new ride. --chirokid–

PS: I’ll let you in a little secret, just don’t tell anyone it was me that tipped you. "Skill does not come with practice, but with who has the best unicycle. You’ll ride just like Kris when you get the KH24. "

So, it looks like the KH24 then.

Anyone else want to throw in any opinions?


Give Bedford Unicycles a call; he’s got plenty of nice options in that price range.

If you’re lucky, you could wait until Moab, win a competition, and then get your name drawn first and win a Steve Howard frame. But you have to be REALLY lucky!
And in case anyone is wondering, I’m not redonating my SH frame for the MUniFest. Sorry.

Having a MUni does make a huge difference. Lots and lots of practice makes more difference, but I am amazed how much easier it is to ride my MUni for mountain unicycling than my Schwinn was.

Doesn’t the shipping from Canada to US add a substantial amount to the overall cost?


Sorry to grab the attention away from you but i need quick guidance. Should i get the KH24 or should i get a GB4 frame and a gazza/profile/alex dx wheel set up? the gb4/profile will cost about 200 or so more but id also get it with a airseat and reederhandle.