Another online unicycle game...

Sorry if this has been posted already.

that game is WAY harder than actually riding a uni.

Cool game.

I agree that it’s a lot harder than real unicycling.

My best so far is only 59.2s

Of course the learning curve not quite as steep.


I can’t get past 35 seconds… probably cause I am crazy

1min and 29.6 sec. Bojigada

Re: Another online unicycle game…

Sorry George… I posted this in just Conversation 12 hours before you posted it here.

OWNED… :sunglasses:


75.4 seconds.

No wonder it’s that hard, he’s coasting! :D:D:D

Within 2 minutes, i was able to ride for 20 seconds and jump over juggling balls. In real life that only took me 1 minute

I never read the instructions, I’m just to lazy for that, so I basically suck at all those kind of games.

The instructions dont help any… only alot of practice and iding helps.

This game was posted a while ago, but under a different website. Since then that website was taken down, and I guess this is his(or her) new one.

29 seconds…

41.9 secs

Terrible game.

Once you get on a side you can’t control it when the mouse goes off screen. Would be better to control with keypad.