another one

heres another trials vid. not any stairs or drops or anything like that i was just messing around with pallets (i need more)

You’re progressing pretty nicely. If I were you , I’d start to work on my sif. It will help you hit higher hops, and it looks better. Nice video.:smiley:

actually if i were you id still work on SI until you feel youve maxed it out. then work on SIF

true dat brother.
and when you are roller blading bend your knees when you drop in. it wont be as scary and you’ll get more speed out of the drop in.

keep it up.

sym cranks?

yep i get comments about them all the time. might get new cranks soon but they are not messing up my riding or anything so i thoughti would just keep them. i also got a new video! i love making them! a little bit of MUni in this one! also a little bit more table and stairs. i have been trying sif but i need advice on learning, i can do hops and ride sif but i can only jump up like one pallet

You might want to lower your seat an inch or two so you can hop higher SI. If you have to cut the post to do so, leave enough so you can raise it again when you switch to SIF and/or grow taller.

How did you get sponsored by 661? Just wondering.

Just a tip,

You don’t want to have the hand you hop with facing your object.

For example, I jump to my left, and hold with my right hand.

From what I saw, you jump to your right, hold with your right.

Stop now before it becomes a habit.

I did the same exact thing you did, and I could not get more than 40cm. It was impossible to tuck. After switching, my hop grew almost instantly. It’ll just take some time.

PS: That is one nice-looking unicycle you got there:D

Where do you live? If your in NY I have pallets for you. But you can get pallets at any warehouse, We buy them for anywhere from 2-10 dollars

im switching ti sif soon when i learn sif i will do it the other way