another one form brazil


another video from a training session for the next Dusseldorf Marathon.

I hope you dig it!!!

Nice!!! I really liked this. :smiley:

Great video :slight_smile:

Is that a 36er you’re riding?

Do you have any video clips from another person’s point of view showing you pausing, dealing with traffic, and so forth? A couple of us are wanting a video like that, more the better since you seem to be pretty good at it.

It’s a 36"!!!

I’m also anxious to have someone filming me… Today after I’d stop on a traffic light I looked over my shoulder and there was a girl filming me with her iPad!!! quite funny, but I don’t know her, so I’ll probably never get the chance to see the video. Let’s see if by the end of the week I can make a video like that!!!

Yeah I’m new so I guessed based more on the tire that you got. The height as well but I based it more on the tire.

Like if you got a camcorder or something and can position it near a busy intersection and make a few passes for when you have to pause (bunny hop or idle for when you wait) and go around stuff and so forth that would be neat. It’s just something that would help those of us interested in commuting on the 36.

It’s just a thought, don’t do it if it’s too much trouble. I liked your other videos too, I’ll check more of them out in a bit.