Another one bites the dust.

After going on a pretty good ride, I decided to go get my video camera and do some more riding. After about an hour of riding I decided to do a gap that I found this morning. I did it a couple of times and shot it from different angles. I landed all but one of them then I decided to take a brake for awhile.

   After sitting there for awhile I noticed something was wrong with my axle. It was twisted. It is that 2nd axle that I either broke off or bent. I guess thats what I get for riding a 20" Sun for doing trials on. HEHE. I have video of today's riding and the gap I was doing when it broke.  I am going to try to put it into a gallery. I will tell yall when I do. Peace.

I think you should get a splined trials uni. Like a KH or QUAX, even a nimbus would be a lot stronger than your sun. How bad is the axle bent do you have the stock cranks on it?

Yah stock cranks.

IM thinking the quax trials for $300 u.s.

ummmm there not bent bad just twisted a little bit.
I will post a picture later because right now the camera isn’t charged.

I don’t have the money to buy another one. THINK I should still ride trials until it breaks??


I would greatly reccomend the quax trials. I don’t knkow too much about it itself, but one of my freinds has a quax MUni, and it is absolutely awesome for the price. I’m sure the trials will be too.

as for bent stuff: I messed up my knee riding on bent cranks. I don’t think it’s a good idea. Unless you plan on hopping everywhere, that is.

Unless the uni is your sole mode of transportation / meditation / entertainment / etc., your answer is “Yes”. Do this in honor of all the unis broken before you, in pursuit of the ultimate uni, the ultimate trick, that good ol’ adrenaline buzz.

Where there is a will, there is a way. You can find another uni one way or another. If no one is willing to donate a uni to you I’d be happy to paypal you a few dollars towards your next ride, just PM me. (Note I am a “starving student” myself so don’t everyone start asking me for funds).

Pres. Hoover promised a “chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.” The world would be a better place if more people had this philosophy. I can only offer a meager “ramen in every cup (as long as you can bring your cup to my house)” and to hell with buying everyone a uni. But, hey, it’s a start towards world peace, eh?

I rode my first uni until the pedals fell off and had to wait six months for a new ride. The rest is history, er, my-story… and a beautiful one it is :sunglasses:

Im hadn’t read these till just now. I am typing this right after I went for a ride. I kept doing trials on it. After a few drops around 3 ft it finally happened. Broke clean off at the axle. Just like my other one. May my unicycle rest in peace on this fateful day.



What big stuff did you do on it?

Yeah im trying to get my digital camera to work. I will post pics when i do. I just do trials on it like everyone else. Im an ok rider. The highest drop and landed was probably 3 foot and the highest not landed was about 3-4.