Another not so crazy video...

… but I still think my son is doing awesome and I’m proud of him :smiley:

He just learned to freemount a month ago, and we’re doing some MUNI stuff here and there. He can also do 16-18" drops and land them most of the time. I don’t do the big drops just because I’m big, and fall hard haha…

But here’s my son doing some ‘muni’ on his 20"… even on a smaller wheel he rips it up, but his legs are too short to reach over a 24".

That is so cool! HE’s such cute kid! He’s gonna be the next KH!

He already idolizes Kris Holm haha. He’s a natural athelete, he’ll be good at anything he decides he wants to be. And I’ll b e right there egging him on :wink:

You’re a good Dad! Post more vids to show his progression. I’d like to see him doing some drops! Just be careful!:smiley:

Looks great…Hes already better than me :astonished: . Oh well ill catch up eventually.

Heh, the 20" looks like a 24" on that kid. :stuck_out_tongue: