Another noob looking for advice... 20'' or 24'' ?

Is it there yet :thinking:

How about now???:stuck_out_tongue:

Now ??? :o:p

ps. Have you seen the ‘expert village’ uni videos on ‘you tube’? :wink:

THERE IS JUSTICE in this world!!!

Joke’s on you believe it or not (i almost still don’t) :slight_smile:

Don’t know what happened (the seller was in germany and told me yesterday that my uni was still there. Did the fly it over? WTF??) but guess what???

My profi is here!!! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Here’s a couple pics.

One is next to my daughter’s ride.

In the other, it is all built up and patched around the front and back with that sort of stuff that is used in wall insulations (have no idea what that is called in english…). Just wanted to make sure it will be kept in shape through it’s first few days with me :stuck_out_tongue:


You people are HEROES!!!

So, i unpacked, put it together and started riding it (yeah right…).

First of all, i mounted with just my jeans on and ouch… After maybe 5 minutes of trying to put my weight on the saddle i realised i would either have to go and put on a pair of biker shorts i bought a coulpe days ago (as many members have suggested on various threads, thx for that) or apply for a sex change operation… My jewels were crushed and my skinny @ss is sore as i write, after maybe 30 minutes maximum.

You guys (and girls) are heroes.

Second, i knew (or anyway imagined) that this would be hard but whoahhh… This stuff is real hard and unbelievably tricky. Especially the PUT YOUR WEIGHT ON THE SADDLE NEWBIE part.

Anyway, like i said, you all are a bunch or hardcore dudes in my books and i hope i will soon enough be worthy of your company.

I don’t intend to start my own journal as i don’t think that would add anything more than all the great stuff that’s already been posted through the years (plus i don’t have the time to), but will try and post some of my progress as i go through the pain.

Again, thanks all for the great info.



Yeah alix71 :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:



I just had my first UPBTC (BTC is for Big Time Crash :astonished: )

I fell on my back big f****** time… I stayed motioneless for like 5 minutes :frowning: That really hurt, i think i’ll call it a day and go watch a movie or something. I knew i should have picked up golf :stuck_out_tongue:

The good news: although in the morning session i started out pretty intimidated, at one point i sort of started to get more into it and decided i would stop only if i managed to do 4 pedal rotations (in total, twice one each foot) and did it immediatly :slight_smile: That felt so good!!!

I managed to do 4.5, almost 5, rotations a few minutes ago and then… bam %%$#%$^$*)@@!!!

I’m ok, i guess, but will take a break till tomorrow. I’ll make sure i wear my motorcycle back protection thing from now on.

Btw, any suggestions on comfy saddles? Nimbus gel or the KH? Before the crash that was my main concern. I haven’t ridden a bicycle in quite a while so my butt is really unfamiliar with this sort of pain.


Always standing!